torsdag 9. juli 2015

Just do it!

I'm a master of procrastination, and not doing what I'm supposed to. Especially when it comes to stuff that I find hard - write the first 50% of an article, analyse new data, do new stuff that I know I wont understand all of by, more or less doing my job :P

Yesterday I spent all the time before lunch not writing on my article, but browsing stuff on line instead. How silly is that? I didn't even realize how much time I spent on this, before I had to leave for my interview with P1 and Norgesglasset (which is HERE, in Norwegian...). One of my colleagues said that "sometimes you just have to sit down and do it, not all the other stuff", and she is just so right. So when I came back, I sat down, opened my article document, and attacked the introduction part. I made a real plan for what should be included in this article, and what should be in the next one, and from this I made a real outline for the article I'm working on now. Even though I know stuff can happen, and that maybe I have to do minor (or major) changes, that's ok, and I can't worry about that. At least if that worrying is gonna stop me from actually doing something.
So f*** everything else (like "oh, but I should just answer these e-mails, and maybe I should go get a soda, and also I need a coffee, I think, and I'm just gonna check facebook, and then think about all those blog posts I should write about different aspects of nuclear physics, and I have to explain why science sort of works to these people who think that Big Pharma are trying to kill them with vaccines") and just do it. It's as simple, and as difficult as that. JUST. DO. IT.

I think it will help me if I become better at making plans and lists that are actually possible to get through, too. Now I feel like a total failure everyday, since I always have, like, half or more of the stuff I was supposed to do, not checked off at my list by the end of the day. My "list" for today is as follows: finish this blog post, finish draft of the "intro" for my article, finish the "experimental setup" part (almost there, I think), and get my preliminary results into the "data analysis" part. Then I will send what I have to supervisor Sunniva, and ask her what she thinks.  If there should be some spare time before the library closes, I'm 100% sure that I will figure out more smart things to do with that extra time...;)


After work today I'm meeting Charlotte! We haven't been out in a very long time, so I'm really looking forward to have some wine, and talk, and have fun <3
I bought this relaxed, white, thin shirt and this big yellow necklace (I think I'm in LOVE!) at H&M yesterday. Think it looks quite cool, with the hair and the tight jeans and the heels :)

PS: I still miss Anders - only 19 more days to go now... <3

tirsdag 7. juli 2015

Norgesglasset i morgen

Da er tirsdagen over, og det er "bare" 21 dager igjen til Anders kommer tilbake (ja, jeg savner ham fremdeles :P ).

Dagen i dag kan oppsummeres med skriving av forord, til et veldig spennende prosjekt jeg jobber med, så stengte biblioteket (klokken fire, allerede - pga ferie, tror jeg), og Therese og jeg ble ganske betuttet over at vi muligens måtte gi oss, men da kom jeg på at vi kunne dra hjem til meg og drikke vin og jobbe videre. Som sagt, så gjort! Jeg fikk sendt fra meg utkast til forord, og kunne omsider begynne på abstract til artikkel og foredrag - noe som gjorde meg mest forvirret, og litt oppgitt og trist ("åååh, jeg er bare utrolig dum, og jeg skjønner ingenting, og dessuten vet jeg ikke hva som skal være med i denne artikkelen, og så vet jeg ikke hva som kommer ut av turen til Berkeley heller, og dermed er alt umulig" - var ca det jeg følte, sånn kort oppsummert). Therese tittet på noe av det jeg jobber med, og ga meg innspill og tips, jeg fikk lagt en slagplan for morgendagen, og vi fikk snakket en del om hvordan det er å være i sluttfasen av PhD'en (Therese leverer kort tid etter sommeren). 

Jeg er har altså en plan for morgendagen, som bla inneholder:
- ringe til veileder og sutre
- se hva jeg får til av TALYS-beregninger (som egentlig betyr at jeg skal finne ut hva jeg kan/må spørre Cecilie om)
- skriv på introduksjonen til artikkel
Dette er de tre tingene som skal gjøres på Blindern i morgen. I tillegg skal jeg bevege meg ned til Marienlyst og NRK, for å være sommergjest på Norgesglasset på P1. Klokken 12:40 - sånn ca. Jeg skal bla ha med meg det jeg viser frem på bildet under, og snakke om det...;) I tillegg er det nok fare for at det blir litt fysikk og forskning <3 
"Høres" vi? ;)

mandag 6. juli 2015

Wedding in Toledo!

- Toledo working outfit ;) -

Happy Monday everyone! 
As you know, I came back home from my very sweet colleague Lucia’s wedding in Toledo, Spain, on Saturday.

Toledo is a town about one hour from Madrid (where Lucia is from), and according to my friend it is "one of the Spanish cities with the greatest wealth of monuments. Known as the 'city of three cultures', because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together there for centuries, behind its walls Toledo preserves an artistic and cultural legacy in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues. This great diversity of artistic styles makes the old quarter of the city a real open-air museum, which has led to it being declared a World Heritage Site."
Unfortunately I didn’t experience anything of Toledo this time, I just watched it at a distance :P But I know, after what Lucia has told me, and after driving through it on our way back to Madrid on Saturday, that this is a place I have to come back to. Maybe like September, or something? We’ll see what the Man has to say (cause next time I’m not going on my own, like I ”had to” this time, since he’s in Asia – yes, I still miss him :) ).

Anyway; I loved every single part of those 24 hours I spent in the Hotel Cigarrel El Bosque, where I stayed, and the party was! From sitting outside my room at my balcony, in the shadow, looking at the old town of Toledo, drinking ice cold water and writing, to sneaking out to the pool with Cecilie at 2 AM, and sitting there with our tired feet in the water and discussing nuclear physics <3

As I’ve promised; here are some pictures from Lucia and David’s wedding in Toledo – including my choice of outfit, of course :D

- my room had a view towards the old town of Toledo -


I couldn't decide whether to wear my red/pink roses dress, or an apricot thing, but when it turned out that my underwear showed through the apricot dress,  the decision was quite easy ;)

- someone sent a bottle of sparkling wine to the room, and I have no idea who did it -


Today I'm back at the office again, writing. It's pretty quiet here at Blindern now - not sure if I prefer it like this, or with a lot of other people...

PS: I still miss Anders - just 22 more days to go, now...

lørdag 4. juli 2015

No filter...

As I've already told you, Anders has left for Asia, and is staying there for a whole month (if they work hard on their blog, maybe they'll even manage to rotate the pictures 90 degrees...:P).
I really want him to have fun, but I still think it's almost horrible not to see him for so long :/ So far, I feel very silly since I start to cry (or almost cry) everytime I hear anything from him...:P Like when he sent me all of these pictures yesterday - maybe I should take this as a sign that he is thinking of me (and missing me?) too? ;)
Anyway, this is really #nofilter :D 


Right now I'm enjoying a glass of Chardonnay and a "Serrano and Mozarella platter" at Brussels airport - I'm staying here for four more hours, so chances are quite big that there will be another glass of wine. It was, as you understand, a very short visit to Spain (unfortunately), but I think I really want to go back to Toledo (one hour from Madrid). The wedding last night was fantastic, and as promised I'll make an outfit post and also show pictures from last nigh later - probably tomorrow <3

torsdag 2. juli 2015

Not as planned

I really hate being away from my blog for as much as I've been have lately :/ The thing is that sometimes plans change, and time for stuff like blogging goes towards zero - which has been the case the last weeks (especially the last 10 days or so).
Last week, for example, we spent two days at Brønnøya, with Charlotte, Anders (Charlotte's husband, not my boyfriend), and their daughter Kristiane. That may seem like an odd choice when I'm "complaining" about there being so much stuff to do (with Berkeley coming up in August), but those 48 relaxing hours were more or less my entire summer vacation with both Alexandra and Anders (my boyfriend, not Charlotte's husband ;) ) so when Charlottes asked if we wanted to go, it really was an easy choice after all <3
Then there's been two non-planned days at home with Alexandra (which I of course love, but then there is less time for working, and then no time for blogging), and yesterday she went off to her father for summer vacation the next 2.5 weeks... Yesterday was also the day when Anders went to Asia for the next month - I should be honest and say that I did shed some tears.


Now I'm off for something that is planned: my fantastic colleague Lucia's wedding in Spain <3
Right now I'm waiting to board my flight for Frankfurt, and then I'm going from there to Madrid. I'll spend the night at an airport hotel in Madrid, and then, tomorrow I'll go from Madrid to Toledo, where we'll celebrate Lucia and David.
I'll keep you posted with wedding outfit and other stuff (at least I'll try my best :P ), but now I have to run to get me an extra dose of cosmic radiation *yeay*.

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