lørdag 2. juli 2016

Not all done, and Alexandra's last day in kindergarden

Yesterday was Alexandra's last day (ever) in kindergarden... She started in August 2011, and now, more or less 5 years later, she's ready for new challenges. But it feels really strange, and a little sad - I'll be the first to admit. I think she's having mixed feelings too; one minute she's all about being a big girl and she can do everything and she takes responsibility, and she's really an angel - next minute she's winey and not cooperating at all, and says she isn't starting school after all, 'cause she's going back to kindergarden (all quite normal, I think ;) ).
All in all I think we're ready (and excited) for school, and really looking forward to that next chapter in life, even though it's sad to leave such a great place as Universitetets barnehage, which really has been the BEST place these five years!

on her way to the first and the last day in kindergarden - notice she's wearing the same backpack (which will now be changed into a new one for first day in school <3 )

I must admit I didn't manage to get through my entire to do list yesterday that I was supposed to before the holiday could start. Some of it doesn't matter (I didn't get to clean my desk, and that's totally ok - the mess will be there when I get back in a couple of weeks), while other things do (I didn't finish my article so that I felt I could send it to my supervisors and Gry, who also promised to read it <3), and that means that even though today was the first day of vacation, I need to work just a little bit more (won't go to the university, though). Therefore, the plan for tomorrow is something like this:
- sleep until we wake up, coffee in bed
- breakfast together, all of us
- work intensely on the article for one hour - that may be just about enough (if not, maybe I'll work 1.5 hours, and if that isn't enough either, I'll do the rest after Alexandra's gone to bed, or something)
- do something nice from our summer holiday 2016 list 

Our plans for the next two weeks are for the most to stay in Oslo, and I'm thinking about writing a little bit about that tomorrow - but not before I've sent off my article. Then, when I press "send", it's holidays for real <3

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