tirsdag 7. juni 2016

Why are my stupid plots stupid?!? (#phdlife)

Oh, I get so frustrated...!
This day started great; I was sort of on a roll with making nice figures for thesis and papers, and then someone told my I should look into some stuff (some threshold for some electronics), and I did, and I realised some of my plots look really strange :/ I mean, they're not supposed to be like that, going up and down like that systematically - nature isn't that "pretty"...  (Nature is pretty, but it doesn't work like this plot over here.) And I can't figure it out, so I'm back to feeling stupid again :P
I guess this is a good time to freshen up my make-up and go get my nails done - just gonna spend one Pomodoro on a paper I'm planning to write about thorium; like "what's the deal with thorium and what are the options and what are people around the world doing in this field" ;)

See you <3

2 kommentarer:

  1. These things happen from time to time. Just be vigilant and keep up the hard work. It will come around soon enough.

    By the way, I think I am gonna put on some makeup aswell. Just for fun!

    1. I always feel better with make-up :)

      Yeah, these thing happens, just so frustrating when you have no idea why they happen, and if it matters or not... Luckily I share my office with the nicest post doc ever, and she knew more or less what's wrong when she saw this post yesterday, and promised to help me today <3


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