torsdag 5. februar 2015

The importance of collaboration

Today I´ve been excited about nuclear and atomic history! The day started with a great talk about "100 years of nuclear physics", and we all agreed that one of the main "take-home messages" was that who you happen to share an office with, be a student of, meet, talk to - in short; collaborate with is/has been really important. All the great men and women of the field were more or less one big family :)

I´m also excited about my favourite cup, with queen Elizabeth on it. I mean, how can you not be excited about this fantastic cup? :D

I´m NOT excited about the cold, though - if anyone was wondering :P Had to wear my hat all the time - since it´s almost impossible to wear it only when I´m outside, since I get the worst case of bad hair ever... :P


I morgen er det forresten Abels tårn, og jeg er i panelet! Det blir blant annet lysende atomkjerner, fusjon og nedsmelting - masse gøy <3
I tillegg til meg kommer Bente Wahl (meteorolog) og Anna Kathinka Dalland Evans (astrofysiker) - et ekte damepanel, med fysikken godt representert! Sees vi? (Eller i det minste: høres vi? ;))

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