onsdag 13. januar 2016

Goal of the day

Today I've been at the library, writing all day. It takes forever, but I'm starting to get used to it - and therefore better at making goals and to do-list. My goals today were:
  • finish (for now) the part about the so-called "Oslo Method" in my next paper
  • fix/make a figure (that f****g Fig. 4)
  • delete all the comments and thoughts (from my self) in the paper, so that it's actually possible to show it someone else without them saying WAT
  • send a draft of the paper to Jon supervisor in Paris
  • start making the talk I'm giving for our workshop on fission and gamma rays and stuff next week

By the end of the day I managed all but the one about the figure... "Figure 4"continues to look like a very bad drawing or something, and it will probably not be fixed tomorrow either, since then I have to work on thoughts for my actual thesis, since Jon plus more are coming next week. But the important thing is that I did send my draft to my supervisor even thought the figure isn't any good, and that was really the most important goal of the day :D :D :D


Here's a picture of a typical staying at the library all day, writing and therefore trying to wear something comfortable, but isn't all that keen on wearing a sweat suit out in public-outfit: tight but stretchy jeans, a simple grey sweater, and my big Russian scarf that I got as a gift from Sunniva supervisor after I finished my master degree - and I love it <3

2 kommentarer:

  1. :) flott å lese om phd-prossessene dine som er innimellom. Gjenkjennbart. Holder på å finne formen selv både i måten å jobbe og skrive på :) https://readvips.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/tikk-takk-tikk-takk-tiden-tikker-for-en-phd-sliter/

    1. Så hyggelig at du liker det! Ser det er noe som likner inne på din blogg, og, ja ;)


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