fredag 17. april 2015

change compile sort check

I'm not dead, I've just tried to be a good PhD student the last couple of days (and it's been some loooong days)...the title of this post and these pictures more or less tell the entire story:

- change (the sorting code)
- compile (don't forget - like I did yesterday )
- sort the data files
- check the results
- repeat ;)


Tonight I even had sort of a nightmare about my thesis defense: for some reason I didn't start making my trial lecture before 30 minutes before I was going to give it - and the theme of the trial lecture was simply "chlorine" ( and in my dream this was a molecule consisting of chlorine and some other atoms), then I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes (I was barefoot), and there were so many people that had come to see the defense, and then one of the opponents ran away and the other had to go and get him. Luckily I woke up before I started to talk!
I was really stressed when I first woke up, and then I was pretty relieved when I realized it was only a dream - and that my thesis defense will be nothing like this dream. I'm actually planning on having fun that day - when it comes :)
Hope you all have a beautiful Friday ❤️

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