onsdag 8. juni 2016

Nails ready for PhD Day :)

Good morning everyone!
It felt good to get my nails fixed yesterday. Now they're not too long, and have a bright, pink colour - just perfect for standing next to my pink poster on PhD Day this Friday ;) Big surprise: I'm the only one with a pink poster. (Wonder if I'm the only one thinking about matching my poster with my nails...? Haha, no I don't wonder about that - I'm pretty sure about the answer :D )

Today's plans are:
  • answering some emails
  • meet with Sunniva and discuss the article that's very soon ready for all the co-authors (we were supposed to meet yesterday, but then she didn't have the time - that happens :) )
  • get help from Gry with my stupid plots that are stupid (she's the nicest office mate <3 )
  • WRITE! I'm going to work on one of the chapters in my thesis, and if there's time I'll work a little bit on the "popular" thorium article I just started...
Wish you all a great day <3<3<3

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