fredag 27. mars 2015

Force majeure

Because of the stupid, stupid snow I wrote more or less three sentences yesterday - making me feel like a complete failure. Also, to make things better, the list of people waiting for a e-mail reply is, like, never ending - making me feel like a bad person :/
Hopefully today will be much better; I´m at my office now, and I have a plan for the entire day:
  1. work on thesis (1 hour?)
  2. talk to Sunniva about progress
  3. meeting
  4. start the calibration of the sodium iodide detectors (rest of the day)
  5. (get A in kindergraden, be with her <3)
  6. work on manuscript for the last Big Bang show
Word of the day is FOCUS, and I hope that I can give myself a big smile when I see myself in the mirror to night ;)

my desk is a huge mess, btw :P

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