tirsdag 17. november 2015


What happened in Paris on Friday is horrible.
I lived in Paris for seven months during my master studies, and today I have colleagues and friends there, and I go there quite often - either for "business", or just for vacation. The terror in Paris almost feels like terror "at home", and in many ways I still can't believe it happened.
I'm lucky all of my friends were safe. 
In all the sadness, I saw this beautiful film, with a little boy and his father having a conversation about the horrible events - see HERE (the picture is just a screenshot)
"Les méchants, c'est pas très gentil."

2 kommentarer:

  1. yes, I cried a bit when I saw this on Facebook

    1. Me too - I smile and cry at the same time. The hope in the eyes of the little boy as he looks at his dad at the end...<3


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