tirsdag 24. november 2015

Experimental setup. Check!

My main goal last week was to finish the part about the experimental setup for my next paper (article), and even though there will always be changes, I can still say that I more or less achieved my goal :D I still have to look at the comments and corrections that I got from Sunniva Supervisor, but that's not a very big job.
My next goal, or milestone, is to finish the part about the experimental results. I'm supposed to do this by the end of next week, and even though that should be enough time, I'm a little bit more uncertain about this one... To finish the results part, I also have to have all the results (which I don't), and since I'm spending this week on "tour" and next week I'm also giving two talks, there isn't that much time left to work on data analysis - but I just have to manage, spending the weekend, or something, I guess <3

(picture from phdcomics.com)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ååh, jeg elsker phdcomics! Og den der var så spot on :P
    Lykke til med å nå målet ditt, det går helt sikkert bra!

    1. Hehe, ja, jeg syns den tar ting veldig oå kornet :D

      Tusen takk for lykkeønskning ❤️


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