onsdag 24. februar 2016

70% extra work - 5% extra quality (#phdlife)

I've heard this saying about science: you work 70% extra to rise the quality of your work by 5%
Yesterday I went through my analysis again, to be absolutely certain that I know exactly what kind of parameters and numbers and stuff that I put into it, and I've reproduced two figures. So it's not just about producing results and figures, but also about reproducing. Not like a big leap forward, but I really feel that yesterday was a good example of those "70% extra work", just to rise the quality of my work with more or less nothing.
At least; don't accuse us scientists for being lazy and not walking that extra mile...;)

beautiful library last spring <3

Today I'll hopefully reproduce two more figures, and continue writing on my article. It's library day today, like every Wednesday - meaning I'm spending the day at the library with some of my fantastic colleagues, since they're awesome, and the library is a great place to work when I need absolute silence and concentration mode <3

2 kommentarer:

  1. I spent most of yesterday mostly failing to make a figure. I want to make one of those wedge-shaped potential energy surfaces in the beta-gamma plane. I eventually concluded that gnuplot was not up to the task, and am thinking of learning how to use matplotlib, but am not even sure that that will do it. Fun, though.

    1. "Failing to make a figure - #lifeofthescientist" ;)


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