onsdag 10. februar 2016

A new little something

So today I went to Trondheim; I started the day by getting up at just a little bit past four (Anders <3 gave me coffee, even though he was NT getting up at this time), then flying to Trondheim, talking to about 300 girls science and technology and all that. 

I have started this “tradition” to always get a little present for myself when I’ve finished a talk - a little sort of pat on the back “you did good” kind of thing - from me to me :) Normally it’s something I get when I’m at the airport, and quite often it’s some kind of jewellery... This time I bought a “silver” ring with “diamonds”, from one of my favourite cheap brands - Snö of Sweden - just perfect! 

I like that by doing it this way, my things end up having a little story - they're memories from when I've gone to different places, talking about different things, to different people. I think that's nice <3

I love sparkles, and sometimes a girl needs some sparkles ;)
Hope you all had a great Wednesday!

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