fredag 27. februar 2015


Happy Friday, and bon week-end, everyone!
It´s been a while since my last Instagram blog post, and I thought that was a nice way to "end" this week (I´ll be at the lab tomorrow too, discussing with Jon and working on my thesis, so my week isn´t exactly over yet ;) ) - hope you enjoy some snaps from my everyday life:

 - instamoments @sunnivarose -
could finally tell you that I´ll be at "Big Bang" on NRK // playing with superconductors
at NRK, getting my make up done // <3 Alexandra <3
 in the elevator with liquid nitrogen (which is a real NO NO - I found out after posting this picture...) // happy, little girl
BEAUTIFUL, pink <3 sunset in Oslo (and guess who has the nicest view ;) ) // little sister and Magnus (her fantastic boyfriend) celebrating little sister´s 25th birthday
#jenterogteknologi - talking to all these great girls about science and stuff <3 // a cold, winter day
7th of March I´ll be giving a talk at Norske Fysikkstudenters Konferanse in Oslo // party at Alexandra´s

I´m really really happy now, btw, and it has to do with my job situation (as a PhD student) - will tell you all about it when I know all the details... Again: happy Friday, and happy week-end - we´ll soon leave the lab for a couple of beers at Le Gichet (love the Bière Blanche) :)

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