fredag 2. januar 2015

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone, this is my song for 2015...<3

This year will hopefully be a good year - stable, and not too much of a roller coaster ride... ;) I don´t really have new year´s resolutions, but my plans for 2015 are to write more (I will try really hard to do it two hours everyday), give at least the same amount of talks as in 2014, get pictures on my walls, wear more white shirts and black bras (spend less time on figuring out #whattowear),  get less hurt and try not to hurt others, realize I can´t do everything and spend less time on doing stuff I´m not really that good at - if others can do it better, be happy alone, say more yes, say more no, and less maybe. I think that´s about it :D


"We think Stian was the only one that was funny"

This Snapchat photo of Steffen and me is btw the only photo I have from new year´s eve - it was a very fun night, and I was (obviously) more concerned about enjoying it than taking pictures :)

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