mandag 19. januar 2015

My Monday

Happy, busy, Monday, everyone!
I my week continues like this I will have done A LOT by the end of it...but it won´t, since I´m with Alexandra from Wednesday afternoon - a good thing about having children is that you have to live a "normal life" (from time to time) ;) Anyway, I´m still at the office, with my fantastic colleagues Gry and Therese (who is writing for her life, a.k.a. finishing her PhD thesis), and this is how my week started:

6 AM - coffee and e-mail in bed
8:30 AM - café and working on a text (I sooo want to tell you about it now, but I can´t yet :/)
9:30 AM - office
10 AM - article club; "Do we really teach physics"
11:30 AM - meeting
1 PM - more text work (have read about hormones, Heisenberg, Newton, Darwin, monkeys, pseudo science, skin conductance, radiotrophic fungus,  and more...;) )

...and I´m still at that "text work" thing...


my little sister, Carina, turned 25 on Saturday, and the weekend was filled with wine and food and coffee and happy happy love <3<3<3

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